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A sense of place is of fundamental value to the human experience – in every city, neighbourhood, culture, for every age. A Time & Place property endeavours to empower people — to make them feel valued, assured, and energised by the places they inhabit in their daily routines.


In an age of shrinking footprints the pressures of living are growing exponentially. Organisations, professionals, and individuals are feeling a need to identify with their environment, to recognise a sense of place, comfort and increased productivity.

Time & Place are expert at identifying and developing site opportunities into property assets that deliver the needs of contemporary living – developing solutions to real life needs.

With a lengthy history in contracting and client consultation, I saw the opportunity for Time & Place to operate with a corporate-like proficiency – but, to be less distracted by formality or standardisation and nimbly work with the care and consideration of a boutique developer.


9.45am Bates Smart, Melbourne

Time & Place invest in and develop property – our activities include the discerning purchase of land, the development of well considered buildings and the delivery of projects we are passionately drawn toward.

We transform opportunities by coordinating the activities of our internal and external network with a mixture of leadership and humility. Whether working in joint venture partnerships or wholly owning the assets we develop, our investment embodies the passion, professional aptitude and focus required to develop property of long term economic value.

With expert management of coordinated time-sensitive activities, a breadth of industry skills within our team and the learnings of our networks that surround each project, Time & Place will continue to create exemplary products of meaning, purpose and enduring value.