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Time & Place invest in building long term relationships with partners that care, respect and deliver in equal measure.


In our short history, Time & Place have consistently drawn upon the best in industry to become a trusted and reliable development partner.

Confident project leadership delivered with respect and humility is a benchmark of our team. We have enormous esteem for the aspirations and demands of project visionaries and we deeply value the roles that all partners play across the lifespan of a project.

Where improvement can be made, we are supporters of change in our industry. We work hard to be valued by emerging leaders – embracing the vision, expertise and positive contribution they bring to the Australian urban fabric.

Our future success will be realised by continuing to value and respect our relationships with all industry stakeholders. Consistently meeting our own high expectations alongside those of our key project stakeholders and buyers alike.

The selection of our partners and collaborators is a reflection of our commitment to integrity, trust and appreciation of their respective prowess.


2.13pm Collins House, Melbourne


Golden Age Group
Development Partner

Golden Age Development Group is an established Australian property development business known for signature, high-end commercial and iconic residential projects in key capital city locations.

Previous Melbourne projects include The Emerald, Opera, Sheraton Melbourne which was the first five-star hotel in the CBD in ten years when launched in 2014, and Victoria One, which will be the tallest tower in the CBD when finished in 2017. More recently, Golden Age has developed the highly successful Sydney developments, No1 Lachlan, Waterloo, and Essence, Double Bay.

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